Diamond Energy Water

What is the benefit of signing up Whole Life Service Plan?

  1. Yearly Service And Maintenance:
    1. Product service & maintenance, change of filters and product check-up for ensuring and maintaining a healthy life will be performed by our trained Service Dealer / Technician


  2. Periodical Change Of Filter:
    1. To ensure the product is in its highest quality and condition to give customers an optimum performance, change of filters will be performed for free.


  3. 3 years New Unit Replacement:
    1. Customers will be entitled a free new unit every 3 years


  4. More Savings:
    1. No worries for any filter price increase in the future
    2. No worries for any service and maintenance issues


Is the quality the same for both Whole Life Service Plan and single unit of Diamond product?

Yes, the quality is the same for both


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