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Diamond SPA FAQ Benefit

Q: What is Diamond Spa Home Aqua-Therapy System?

A: Diamond Spa Home Aqua-Therapy System is a newly introduced System. It turns regular tap water into health water. With its Filtron filtration, it is able to filter sand, mud, rust etc. that are 10 times finer than a strand of hair. The water is further treated in three additional layers of filters. The magnetic energy of natural ores will thoroughly get rid of the chlorine and chemicals, turning the tap water into health water. The health water which has added Vitamin C permeates into every inch of your skin and every strand of your hair. It takes care of your skin and hair during your bath, solving all your skin and hair problems at the same time.

Q: What is Health Water?

A: Health Water is clean water that does not contain any impurities. It can be easily absorbed by the skin and hair, bringing them many benefits.

Q: Is it necessary for a person, who has been using tap water for bathing all along, to bathe with health water?

A: Tap water that has been treated is actually very safe and clean. However, when it passes through rusty pipes and water tanks in the building, it is likely to get repolluted. At the time of bathing, it is equivalent to spreading a large amount of rust, chemicals, contaminants and other harmful substances onto the body, speeding up the wear and tear process of the skin and hair, and consequently causing skin and hair problems of varying degrees. If we bathe with cleaner health water everyday, it is not suprising that our skin and hair will grow healthier.


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