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Diamond SPA FAQ Benefit

Q: How can we turn the tap water into health water?

A: Diamond Home Spa System is equipped with a Filtron filtration layer that can filter out sand, mud and rust 10 times finer than a strand of hair. The water is further treated through another three layers of filters. The magnetic energy of natural ores will thoroughly get rid of chlorine and chemicals, turning the tap water into health water with great permeating power. With Vitamin C added to it, its anti-oxidization power is greatly enhanced, enabling the skin and hair to directly absorb the Vitamin C which restores elasticity of the skin and makes the cells stronger and healthier.

Q: Where is Diamond Spa manufactured and is it reliable?

A: Manufactured in Korea, the product is a success and breakthrough in skin care and hair care that combines the results of 20 years research by health water experts from various locations in Japan and U.S.A.








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