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Q: A Diamond Health Water System unit costs more than two thousand dollars. Isn't it expensive?

A: Many people have the same view as you, thinking that it is expensive. However, after knowing the benefits it offers, they feel it is really worth paying for it. This water system can filter out the sand, earth, rust etc. in the water and therefore beneficial to our health. As Diamond Health Water has a sweetish taste, children like to drink more of it, hence reducing ?heat' from the body and improving the digestive system that in turn, solves the problem of constipation. .In order to make Diamond Water System more easily available to consumers, we allow payments to be made in 30 monthly installments. It is only about RM86 a month and RM2 a day. Think of the health that your family is going to enjoy after this. It is not expensive at all. What can be more precious than the health of your family? It is worth all the money spent when you see everyone is in good health.

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