Diamond Energy Water Filter



Q: Isn't the tap water we drink clean and safe? Why is there still a need to install a Diamond Health Water System unit?

A: The government has added chloride and fluoride into tap water for sterilisation purpose. Though the water is considered very clean and safe for drinking, we must not overlook rust in pipes and the contaminants and bacteria in water tanks that may repollute the water. To solve all these problems, you need the Diamond Health Water System. The System filters and purifies the tap water by six patented filters. It can not only filter off sand, earth, rust, heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminants, but successfully sterilise the water by killing bacteria. We can consume this clean and pure water without boiling.

Q: Where does the Diamond Health Water System technology originate from?

A: The Diamond Health Water System technology originated from Japan. At that time, experts of health water quality noticed that inhabitants of the "Village of Longevity" were able to enjoy a healthier and longer life because "water" played a significant role apart from the influence of food and environment. In the past three decades, they conducted in-depth studies on this and discovered some common characteristics among spring water in jungles, glaciers and deep-layer underground water: They are unpolluted, containing a balanced content of minerals and having a sweetish taste. The experts also believe that health water molecule clusters have smaller structures than that of the water in our cities today. Consuming this kind of natural health water, a very popular practice in Japan, is beneficial to our health.




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