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Q: What is Diamond Health Water?

A: Diamond Health Water System is an invention specially designed to resolve the pollution problem in our present drinking water once and for all. According to the researches conducted by Mr. Kenji Kawamura, a Doctor of Medicine from the Medical University of Tokyo, Japan, it was found that this problem can be addressed by the ceramic beads created from a combination several ores with natural magnetic energy and clay with specific minerals. When water passes through the ceramic beads, the mineral elements will change the condition of the water, restoring it closer to its natural structure. The water being smooth and sweetish in texture and taste can be easily absorbed by the human body and conducive to our health. This water is the Diamond Health Water, the closest to the ancient unpolluted natural health water.

Diamond Health Water has the following features:

- It is clean and safe without bacteria, heavy metals or chemical pollutants.
- It is sweetish and tastes better.
- It contains various minerals essential to the body such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, silicon and other trace elements.
- It is easily absorbed by the human body, boosts metabolism and frequent consumption will not cause a bloated stomach.




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