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Q: Is the quality of Diamond Health Water reliable?

A: To ensure the consistence in water quality of Diamond Health Water System, we send our products to international authority labatories e.g. PROBE Analytical of Australia, ITS of Hong Kong, PSB Laboratory of Singapore and Consolidated Laboratory, Malaysia, for strict examinations before marketing. In this way, we promise every product fully meets the requirements of function and conforms to international drinking water safety index.
What's more, there will be a careful selection of materials before production. Passed materials and filters will be serialised to facilitate monitoring work. Once manufactured, stringent random checks on each batch of goods will be conducted on 20 items to make sure that Diamond Health Water meets the safety standards set by World Health Organization (WHO). Check items include pH value, opacity, colours, alkalinity, hardness and contents in iron, copper, chlorides, manganese, etc.

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