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Q: Many people are not used to drinking water that is not boiled. Will this water cause illnesses?

A: In fact it takes time to get used to drinking it. Initially, we can have part of the health water boiled and mix it with the other part which is not boiled. After getting used to it, we can gradually move on to the unheated health water. Many experts in water believe that drinking water that is not boiled is most beneficial to the body. It takes about a month for the body to get used to drinking water that is not boiled.

Q: Will the water system break down easily?

A: Our Company has a strict quality control over our products. The water system does not have any electronic component parts and no electricity is required. The only requirement is to wash it and change its filters .

Q: The water system unit is bulky and there is no place to install it/ the water flow is too slow and it is not convenient to use it.

A: Many people feel that the water system unit is bulky, takes up a lot of space and its flow is slow. However, I found out later that its size is due to the six filters it has. It is uniquely designed and can be installed in an ordinary family home or hung on the wall. Installations are done by our professional technical personnel and customers have nothing to worry about it. As regards the slow flow, the water inevitably flows slower as it has to go through six filters. Six filters means six times safer!

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