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Diamond Water FAQ Effects

Q: What are the effects of the Water System? Is it really that good?

A: Diamond is the leading brand for health water in Asia. It has been tested and accredited by experts worldwide. It has won among others, the Gold Seal Award from the American Water Quality Association, Reader's Digest Super Brand Award and recognition of experts from Geneva, Belgium, Japan and Taiwan. Furthermore, there are more than a million people using it. There is no doubt at all about its quality. More importantly, I am one of the users. My family has been using it for quite some time with complete satisfaction. We find our skin conditions better and ourselves more energetic than before. I would never try to persuade someone to buy a product if I don't find it good. I can assure you that this water system is definitely beneficial to your health.

Q: I heard that Diamond Health Water can cure diseases. Is that true?

A: Despite the numerous benefits found in Diamond Health Water, it does not have any curative effect. The health water only helps lay a good healthy foundation in a gradual manner starting with the most basic element. As we all know, 70of human body is made up of water. Water is important in blood circulation and removal of toxins from the body. If water quality is good, people can enjoy a healthier life. This is same as fresh air and nutritious food that have a good effect on our health. We emphasize on the philosophy of Health water brings good health.



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