Diamond Energy Water Filter




Removal of radioactive substances:

Diamond Energy Water System is the first to conduct lab test in Malaysia and overseas laboratory, to gouge its effectiveness in filtering toxic radioactive substances. Contaminated water exceeding 36 times the safety level was filtered by the Diamond Energy Water System. The result: 96% of the radioactive substances were removed.

Removal of pesticides:

In a lab test for removal of pesticides, cabbage sprayed with pesticides exceeding 20 times the safety level was washed with Diamond Energy Water. The result: 99% of the pesticide was removed.

Removal of heavy metals:

In other lab tests conducted by the Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research and other independent research centres, water contaminated with heavy metals exceeding 20 times the safety level was treated by Diamond Energy Water System. The result : 99% of the cancer-causing heavy metals was removed. This is an astounding testimony, way ahead of other water systems and the International Safety Standards.

Removal of microbiological bacteria:

On bacteria removal. water contaminated with microbiological bacteria, fungus, algae and parasites exceeding 2,000 times the normal level was treated by Diamond Energy Water System. The result: 99.99% was removed.

The water system that has been tested and certified by international scientific research bodies to be able to break up molecule clusters into only half the size of those in ordinary tap water. Such small molecule clusters are readily absorbed by our body, and therefore more effectively flush toxins from our body cells for better health.

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