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Diamond SPA FAQ Values

Q: It requires more than RM2000 to own a unit, isn't it too expensive?

A: We need to spend a few hundreds for an overall skin and hair care treatment alone. But with one Diamond Spa, you will have all your skin and hair problems solved once and for all. Therefore it is not costly at all. To further safeguard your interest, we offer a Money Back Guarantee that within a designated period you can have your money refunded if you find our product unsatisfactory without having to give us a reason.

Q: Do I have enough space for installing it and does it look beautiful?

A: The design of the System is light and modern, even smaller than an ordinary water heater. It does not take up much space and can be installed in an ordinary bathroom.

Q: Isn't it too troublesome to wash the filters frequently?

A: It is not troublesome at all because you need to wash the Filtron only once in a fortnight. You will be grateful to Diamond Spa for filtering all the sand, mud and rust when you see the yellowish and black Filtron at the time of washing. It will be horrible to find all these pollutants on you and your family if Diamond has not done the good job.



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