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Diamond SPA FAQ Functions

Q: What are the uses of Diamond Spa on the skin and hair?

Diamond Spa is an once and for all solution for hair and skin problems:

Uses on skin
- Keeps skin moisturised in deep layers
- Enhances the repairing abilities of the skin
- Strengthens the anti-oxidation power with the Vitamin C
- Restores the elasticity of skin
- Reduces sensitive skin reponses
- Prevents wrinkles, removes spots and enlivens the skin
- Retains water and restores luster of the skin

Uses on hair
- Moisturises the skin of scalp
- Makes hair softer, smoother and shinier
- Removes dandruff
- Reduces split or knotted hair
- Reduces loss of hair
- Repairs damaged hair

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Bathing with repolluted water everyday brings harm to the skin and hair. Diamond Spa turns tap water into clean health water without rust or impurities and can be easily absorbed by the skin. When the health water is added with Vitamin C, it provides better protection to the skin and therefore has no side effects.

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