Diamond Master Filter




Diamond Master Filter - 19.8 times cleaner than conventional filters!

Here are the comparisons:

Weaknesses of Conventional Filtration Technology Strengths of Diamond Master Filter's New Fabric-based Filtration Technology
Sand and gravel filtration media are porous with a density of 100 microns or more, making them less effective in filtering contaminants. Filtron has a density of 10 microns and can filter contaminants 10 times finer than a strand of hair!
Filtration efficiency drops to about 50% after just 3 months of usage, and becomes marginally more ineffective after subsequent use. Even after 300,000 litres of water (1 0 years of average use), Diamond Master Filter's filtration efficiency is maintained at up to 95%!
Because it uses sand and gravel, contaminants are easily mixed into the filtration media. This leads to rapid contaminant build-up, lowering filtration efficiency and allowing bacterial growth within the filter. With Filtron, Diamond Master Filter can stop contaminants from entering the filter. Impurities within the system can also be flushed out using the backwash feature, ensuring that there is no bacterial growth within the filter.
Uses outdated sand and stone filtration technique. Uses a revolutionary fabric-based filtration technique from the US.


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