Diamond Master Filter



How to keep the water pipes in the house free from the menace of cholesterol?

- Diamond Master Filter
Revolutionary Filtron System

Adopts the revolutionary Filtron technology, a high-density fiber that an filter matter as small as 10 microns- that's 10 times finer than a strand of your hair!
In general, conventional filters use sand as a filtration medium. These can only filter impurities up to 100 microns. This means that the density of Diamond Master Filter is 10 times that of these filters!

- The first high-efficiency anti-rust ceramic beads ever created

Diamond Master Filter for outdoor does not only thoroughly remove impurities that are 10 times finer than a strand of hair, but with the added world's first high-efficiency anti-rust ceramic beads, it can also effectively prevent the pipes from rusting, thus keeping them clean and free from rust and mud for a long period of time.



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